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Quality Wear It Like An Attitude

By December 28, 2017No Comments

What is quality? Ask any manufacturing enterprise and they will talk about process excellence which enforces product standardization. Talk to anyone from consulting services and they will tell you about the best practices they incorporate to get quality output. Irrespective of any industry you look at, the definition of quality will differ in words, understanding of it will not.

Between Quality, Man, and Machine:
You visit a manufacturing floor, you have quantifiable thresholds — measurements, production specs — assessing products based on set calibrations. Here, the quality consistency is easier to maintain because it is a machine that does the job. But what about people? Can one benchmark their output exactly to the minutest detail? And will it be possible to follow that every single time? On paper, it looks feasible. Practically, it’s difficult to address.

We are not machines calibrated to function at a constant level bringing delivery consistency. Our deliveries are subject to internal factors — those subject to ourselves as well as the environment we are in. Then how do we define quality for human-centered work? How to measure the quality of our own office environment and the work every team member does every day? The answer isn’t in any standard operating manual. It’s inherent in us and gets reflected in the work we do.

Redefining Quality – It’s In The Attitude:
When it comes to people, quality is not a benchmark, it’s an attitude. It’s how we define quality at Talkd, how we inherit quality in our DNA. At the floor, quality isn’t subjected to process controls and benchmarks of software and reports. Quality is incorporated internally by individual capacity, passion in what we do and our dedication in doing that. It’s like a suit of attitude that defines who we are in our actions. Everything we do must add value to others — colleagues, partners and clients and this drives the Talkdlife.

If quality is an attitude, how do we set what quality delivery means? As I said earlier, we don’t believe in software-driven metrics. The benchmarking is much simpler and more effective. It’s how the client perceives the work we do.

Client Perspective – The Ultimate Benchmark:
In B2B service domain, quality is factored with client expresses satisfaction/dissatisfaction with a service. This goes for us too. Client’s satisfaction level is our benchmark of quality driven by our attitude factor. For us, it’s always important to understand client’s perspective of quality. Helps the team to understand what is required of them and deliver the best.

Don’t perceive quality as a pointer in your daily work checklist. Quality should be a mindset and measured by the value we create and the smile we bring in our clients.

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