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Indian IT companies need to reform, big time!

By June 12, 2018May 29th, 2023No Comments

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India is known for its IT prowess. Our technology is growing but the IT industry is still not keeping pace. The rules and regulations haven’t evolved enough to accommodate this change. We all talk of reform. But where exactly to implement it, is a big question.
Lets have a look at how some departments in our IT industry need to be reformed.

Procurement Department
Do you shortlist your doctor based on 3 quotations? Then why should you do the same while finalising your consultants? Vendor Management in most of the companies is based on a very crude concept of pricing over quality. Vendors today have evolved onto consultants. Sorting them on the basis of best price doesn’t really make sense. This needs to change.

Security Systems
Security at hi-tech offices still asks us to ‘write’ down our details. It’s a small thing, but under the context of maintaining compliance, pointless processes are followed. People will judge you on this. This department therefore has to reform considerably.

Why should the question of being under or over qualified arise in the first place? Rather, why can’t companies take an effort and actually qualify aspirants and then interview them? Campus selections are still concentrated in metro cities only. If this process has to be improved upon, the department has to rapidly transform. Instead of focusing on ease of hiring, talent has to be considered as a deciding factor.

Tie-wearing, trained parrots who have mugged up sales scripts run the show here. Incentives are the driving factors rather than company vision. Instead of these, why can’t companies hire subject matter experts? Sales is a dynamic job, and mechanical approach is one of the many things that need to undergo transformation.

People loving your social media posts isn’t the correct measure of your campaign. What are the conversions that are actually happening because of it? Boasting of a 5000-strong subscriber list is meaningless if half of them haven’t been verified. Questions like these have to be answered and only then can the department transform for tomorrow.

Design is still considered as a “look good” process rather than logical one. B2B especially needs to understand minute details, such as the difference in a graphic designer and a product designer. Rather than hiring commercial artists, try hiring people from design schools. Instead of trying to be creative, be scientific. In order to achieve design efficiency, the department and mindsets have to transform a lot.

Calling the HR execs as Chief Happiness Officers isn’t going to make a lot of difference, if the very process isn’t transformed. Team building activities are carried out for one day, and forgotten for the rest of the year. Employees need to be happy, yes, but more importantly they need to feel empowered and developed.

Essentially, along with the approach, what also needs to undergo reform is the thought process in the Indian IT sector. Only then can we claim to be the brightest brains of the world.

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