Innovations In Business Delivery

Competency Centers to Create Value.
Offshore Teams at a Short Notice.
Delivering More than Value.

Global Competency Centers - Offshore Development Centers

Innovation across services and products can empower short to mid-term boosts to business operations. We help organizations bring lasting impact through innovative business delivery models. Expertise across diverse technologies and toolkits and the ability to set up & ramp up or ramp down teams differentiate every engagement – whatever the need.

Global Competency Centers

GCCs are increasingly becoming the pivot to create value, from being the means of cost-savings for global companies. Keeping pace with the evolution of Global Competency Centers in the region, we drive value with diverse functional teams, readily deployable in multiple projects. All the while, we continue to further our competence, incorporating emerging technology expertise and knowledge of varied business processes.

Our Competency At A Glance

  • Expertise on demand for digital solutions, design engagements, UX, development
  • Empower client’s core teams with knowledge and skill sets
  • Enable businesses to be future-ready, with design thinking to identify roadblocks in the future roadmap
  • Nimble and quick to ramp up or ramp down teams based on shifting project scopes

Offshore Delivery Centers

ODCs are alternate to GCC with retained focus on cost savings. Nevertheless, our Offshore Delivery Center teams do not compromise on the quality of service delivery and neither the diverse expertise delivered under the GCC. Agile teams of project managers, technical engineers, and even marketing and content experts can collaborate as your extended arm, aligned with your business understanding with minimal hand-holding.

ODC Delivery Models

  • Contract-Based ODC Model where requirements come from one central team, and we deliver as per the contract scope.
  • Customer-Based ODC Model where we partner with our client in a large project for an end customer, with agile teams – built on the end customer’s specifications.

Embrace The Flexibility Of Skills & Tech – Without Bearing The Setup & Management Struggles