Universe Discovery Data Driven Market Segmentation Prospect Profiling Reporting

The Foundation

Groundwork To Enable Sales

Conventional marketing and outreach has taken a backseat in recent times and businesses are forced to resort to digital. Even with its advantages, a successful digital outreach is a tough equation to balance, with lack of groundwork in market segmentation, alignment with pain points, understanding the gap between the product and the sales voice, etc. The Sales function is no more just a simple selling, but telling a story with connected dots of positioning, differentiating, and personalizing. A thorough research is the key to achieve this goal.

Focus on empowering a digital-first outreach for lead generation and sales.

Research to segregate accounts and target on personalized growth strategy.

Research on datapoints to enable developing of dedicated content marketing strategies.

Our Approach

Waypoints To Actualize Holistic Research Plan

Optimizing time-intensive traditional research and leveraging some intelligent tools to ensure the integrity of datapoints forms the crux of our approach. The focus in on enabling improved decision making capabilities of stakeholders and not a churning of insights that add limited value to the overall sales cycle.

Objective Clarity

Value-add Expertise

DIY In-house Studies

Tools We Use

Ideal Tools For B2B Market Research

Our Capabilities

Identifying, Enabling, And Establishing Your Sales Engine

TALKD is the answer to all your communication strategy questions. We help you set your goals and define the purpose of what you want to achieve with our 3 pillars that will make you stand apart in the market with unique value proposition.
We consistently articulate your messages so that both staff and stakeholders are on the same page about what your product/service is all about. This unification leads to creation of innovative yet easier communication. In short, your audience understand you much better with us formulating your communication strategy.

Before going any further, defining and understanding your audience is the most critical stage. Based on pieces of information from you, TALKD will find your ideal target audience into an over-expanding universe of B2B channels.

It’s all about a better quality of information, which increases marketing and sales productivity. TALKD is an expert in precision targeting prospects and provides you the ability to personalize content for buyers.

At TALKD, we know that accurate market data is an essential factor for a successful business strategy, and our team is dedicated to delivering you the information you need. Research reports by us will definitely help you determine the validity of the conclusion.

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