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Strategizing Sales In 21st Century

Modern day consumer needs modern day approach

Qualified leads have become the KPI to a successful sales, rather than numbers. And the backbone of a robust sales pipeline starts with a proven lead generation plan – the right mix of outbound (for that direct connection) and inbound (for credibility establishment). With the pandemic shifting the business landscape, creating a personal connection is proving to be more challenging for marketers (as you can see). However, a targeted strategy and digital/online tactics can deliver the desired results home.

80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls whereas 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up call.

Email is nearly 40x more effective than either Facebook or Twitter at new customer acquisition.

70% of salespeople stop at one generic email. Yet if they personalize emails, they’ve got a 25% chance to hear back from prospects.

Our Approach

Rightsized lead identification and qualification

To architect a proven lead generation program, three key pillars must be kept in mind. The target universe, your outreach budget, and the team’s capability and consistency in outreach. Our Sales 360 approach connects these pillars focusing on identifying, enabling, and establishing a capable lead generation engine to boost your sales pipeline.

Identifying your Universe

What’s your Budget?

The Team Prowess

Our Bucket List

Our Capabilities

Establishing, enabling, and empowering your sales engine

Structuring a successful setup and sales enablement program rests on exploring the current sales practice, enabling the team to speak a consistent and unified sales voice, and empowering them with a robust lead pipeline. Our team is equally proficient in all three.

Converging your successful sales journey in a single document

The pandemic has reinforced consumer’s digital journey and movement through a sales cycle, challenging traditional sales models. This calls for strategy playbooks encoded with new approaches that encompass digital interactions and a consistent voice across the sales function. Your Sales Playbook 2.0 can shape up right here.

Connecting the bridge between consistent outreach and your sales team

Remote working has made the smart utilization of Sales Enablement tools and collaterals more important. Enablement assets need to be redefined to adapt to changing market conditions and support the teams through the sales cycle. We ensure they receive these assets and analytics, empowering their conversion.

Establishing the team-you-need to power your sales-rep

Setup Establishing the team-you-need to power your sales-rep Sales has always been more of a team game. While in the endgame, businesses have to rely on the sales team to close deals, the process leading up to it needs contributions from a capable team that keeps your sales funnel buzzing, with leads. You can find this team, your extended arm, right here with us.

Case Study

Real-world success stories

Your persona-based customer roadmap is vital!

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