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Let’s Recognize The Gap

The rift of misaligned communication and business strategy

While communication tools and channels increasingly become efficient, businesses are still challenged with lack of seamless peer to peer communication. Business leaders are finding it difficult to to structure and standardize a coordinated communication effort – one that’s aligned with the brand identity and business strategies.

Adding to this is the burden of being overly connected in the pandemic world, with the collusion of work and personal hours, disrupting the established interpersonal communication practices.

Lack of an effective plan to align business goals, communication strategy, and audience expectations.

Inconsistencies across internal and external communication programs.

Ambiguity and sub-optimal use of digital communication tools.

Our Approach

Back to the basics to simplify communication

Three-fold focus to align your internal and external communication strategy, tone, and voice, besides ensuring they leverage the right communication channels to convey the right message, in a consistent tone, at the right time.

Focus Areas To Rightsize Communication


you identify as the people most likely to be interested in your brand.


you want to convey to your followers, customers and supporters.


to plan and align these with business goals and deliver a consistent message.

Communication Architecture

Carving the skeleton of your business communication

Our Capabilities

Realizing a value-driven brand communication practice

TALKD is the answer to all your communication strategy questions. We help you set your goals and define the purpose of what you want to achieve with our 3 pillars that will make you stand apart in the market with unique value proposition.
We consistently articulate your messages so that both staff and stakeholders are on the same page about what your product/service is all about. This unification leads to creation of innovative yet easier communication. In short, your audience understand you much better with us formulating your communication strategy.

A Clear And Creative Roadmap To Build You The Right Target Audience

At TALKD, we understand the importance of value proposition. The very first step towards it is creating your strategic messaging & positioning foundation.
Developing your messaging and positioning is vital to your product’s success.

What We Do?
Storytelling, moodboards, concepts, bucketing, services mapping, brand activated and embedded, narratives, purpose statement and story, mission vision, marketing messages, brand purpose, value propositions.

Consistency In Subject-Matter To Solidify Your Brand Recognition

We focus on two things, consistent quality and consistent publishing. Our experts not only write consistently high quality content but also in a recognisable tone of voice that reflects your brand values and design.

Our content writers understand that search engine visibility is a critical success factor and hence they create an authentic and valuable content which is enriched with keywords.

What We Do?
Research Oriented Writing, Creative Writing, Knowledge Based Writing

A Coordinated Approach For Greater Visibility of Your Brand

PR and Broadcasting is an integral part of any marketing campaign and the one that ensures maximum reach to your target audience. Understanding the importance of both traditional as well as digital mediums of communication, we provide you the right PR & Broadcasting strategy that will bring you closer to your potential customers.

What We Do?
Traditional Media, New Media

Case Study

Real-world success stories

Structure a cohesive business communication plan

Start Connecting The Dots…