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Avoiding Digital Noise

Rightsizing CX across digital avenues

Digital advertising strategy has always demanded marketer’s awareness about what’s to be communicated, what’s not, and how best to do it. This is all the more crucial in the age of new normal and increased customer sensitivity.

Understanding the constantly shifting customer experiences and expectations, maintaining a vigil on competitor and peer interactions, and creating unique and creative content and visual experiences is important and forms the foundation, of standing out amidst the digital noise. Let’s build that by avoiding these pitfalls.

Limited knowledge of changing customer pain points.

Fewer or no interaction with user-generated content.

Failing to leverage suitable customer call-back-to-action to trigger a response.

Our Approach

A 360 degree digital awareness arc

The goal is to architect a comprehensive digital strategy that will drive engagement, considering three milestones – Business, Market, and Campaigns.

The 360-degree outlook enables stakeholders to know, execute and drive results equipped with the knowledge and tools to make well-informed decisions.

Digital Awareness Arc

Business 360

  • Digital Asset Audit
  • Business Goals
  • Strategy & Communications

Market 360

  • What’s Trending
  • Target Audience Mindset
  • Competitor & Peer Actions

Campaign 360

  • Digital Toolkits
  • Budgets & Campaigns
  • Interactive Content & Visuals

Digital Must Haves

Key components to consider in your digital arsenal

Digital Toolkit

Harmonizing your digital marketing function

Social Media

Social media helps you reach almost every audience on the globe. We take it a step further and make sure it reaches every RIGHT audience that influences your business and attracts talent. Our agile social media plan, helps you surf new trends and alter actions according to needs. We combine the power of content and creatives to portray your company on social networking platforms

What We Offer?
PPC, Social Media Management, Campaigns, Virtual Sessions, Webinars, Digital PR, Promotions, Content.


Marketing tools, coupled with the right digital marketing strategy is a ROI generator. We assemble the right combination for the two.
Martech provides us with a myriad of options in fast tracking marketing functions that TALKD can leverage to maximise your business potential.

What We Offer?
Email Marketing, Google Analytics, PPC, Adwords, Marketing Automation Tools


Striking the RIGHT balance in SEO implementation helps drive the best results. We cautiously rig your content with the right elements to drive results.
Having half knowledge of SEO can be more harmful than no knowledge. Our SEO experts stick to the best practices for maximum ROI.

What We Offer?
On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Keyword-rich content, Site Architecture, Backlinks.

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