Data-Driven Opportunity Discovery Roadmap Brand Activation

A Strategic Shift

Rightsizing CX across digital avenues

The recent years have experienced customers and prospects demanding “faster and real-time” answers and experiences from brands.

To address this CMOs need to activate responsive and real-time communication channels powered with a forward-looking approach. Overall game plan for the business should be to make the target audience comfortable with personalized experiences.

Focus On Audience Data Driven Insights

Responsive & Agile Communication Actions

Scalable Plan For Personalized Experience Delivery

Holistic Consulting

Eliminating the gap and communicating the value

CMO Decision Spectrum

  • Vision & Mission
  • Customer Expectations
  • Leadership
  • Top & Bottom Line
  • Tech & Innovation
  • Products/Services
Research And

Validation For CMO

Activating The
Marketing Function

Data & Design
Thinking Approach


Mapping the problems with opportunity

The Discovery Phase is about researching, defining the problems, and mapping the opportunities. Here, opportunities encompass the business, its purpose, its product/service, the marketing function, and how its value proposition is communicated to the end customers.



Defining The Problem Statement

The Opportunity And Solution

The Playbook


Streamlining the discovery effort outcomes

Once discovery phase defines what the business wants to achieve, the marketing roadmap will help to communicate the team’s overall strategic direction and align the framework around an integrated plan through Brand Storytelling, Integrated Marketing Communication, Creative-Tech Transformation.

CMO Support

Arming CMOs with a marketing arsenal

Through research and insights that identify upcoming trends and market changes, TALKD enables CMOs to reach new heights and create value for the organization. CMOs face the following challenges and can tackle them with us – an extended delivery arm of consulting and creative output.

Adapting and optimally leveraging their MarTech engine

Lack of in-house resources for integrated marketing efforts

Linking the gap between the logical and creative side of marketing

Case Study

Real-world success stories

Make every business decision count

Redefine Your Strategic Plan