Solutions for Flexible Business Delivery

Delivery Centers to Design Desks.
Scalable Teams at a Short Notice.
Delivery Partner for Startups/SMEs/MNCs.

Delivery Centers - Design Desk - UI/UX & Tech Squads

No two business needs are exactly the same. A startup might need expert teams to support its MVPs to launch while fast-moving firms need a scalable growth strategy. For large enterprises, the need can be for specific skill sets for one or more of their dispersed global teams.

Flexible engagements at Talkd are proposed to meet diverse needs across the wide spectrum of enterprise and business functions. The focus remains on the rapid setup of teams and matching requirements with the right-sized skill sets, backed with quick ramp-up and ramp-down to meet every need that’s surfacing on your business horizon.

“NEXT” Marketing Delivery Centers

Innovation empowering CMO function

Global Competency Centers (GCC) are increasingly becoming the pivot to create value, from being the means of cost-savings for global companies. Aligned with the delivery model of GCCS in the region, our NEXT delivery centers address the new needs of niche skill sets. We drive value with diverse functional teams, readily deployable in multiple projects. All the while, we continue to further our competence, incorporating emerging technology expertise and knowledge of varied business processes.

Our Competency at a Glance

  • Expertise on demand for digital solutions, design engagements, UX, development
  • Empower client’s core teams with knowledge and skill sets
  • Enable businesses to be future-ready, with design thinking to identify roadblocks in the future roadmap
  • Nimble and quick to ramp up or ramp down teams based on shifting project scopes


Accelerated Brand and Marketing Design & Digital Production House

For CMOs marketing function, strategic agenda of leadership, sales support assets for the core sales team, and a world of other requirements – visual design is a must-have. The win-win in this case is not just a visually well-crafted asset but a team of experts doing it – when you need them and under a swift delivery schedule. Our design desk addresses diverse requirements, backed with creative visualizers capable to deliver visual storytelling-led collaterals – videos, presentations, brochures, etc. What’s different is the scalability of the desks – able to support multiple projects from parallel teams.

Competency of Our Digital & Design Desk


Brochures, Flyers, Presentations, Datasheets, etc.


Event signages, Office signages, Outdoor campaign signages, etc.


Corporate videos, Product demos, Teasers, Leadership videos, etc.

Rapid social media enablement

Campaign management & MarTech

UI/UX Squad

Your Team for Experience Innovation

Be it the need for a UX Audit or interface design for a new application, every project needs the right combination of expert analysts and designers. We make and deploy the necessary squad at a fast pace to kickstart your business requirement.

Performance Marketing & Martech Intelligence

Find voice in the noise – driven on data

Platform-led enriched marketing efforts – based on data and insights help outreach and inbound programs strike the right chord with the intended audience. Equally comfortable in managing clients’ martech platforms and cross-channel marketing to enable top-line sales through our in-house platform, our performance marketing teams generate better campaign ROI.

Focus Areas

  • ABM
  • Subscriber Management
  • Prospecting & Profiling
  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing
  • Appointment Set Up
  • Linkedin Network Building
  • Events & Webinar
  • Analytics & Metrics

360 Degree Tech Squad

Unexpected combo of skills, experience and technology

A 360-degree tech squad is your answer to agile development needs – be it for a web portal or mobile application. Our Offshore Delivery Center teams do not compromise on the quality of service delivery and neither the diverse expertise delivered under the GCC. Agile teams of project managers, technical engineers, and experts of multiple development formats can collaborate as your extended arm, aligned with your business understanding with minimal hand-holding.

ODC Delivery Models

  • Contract-Based ODC Model where requirements come from one central team, and we deliver as per the contract scope.
  • Customer-Based ODC Model where we partner with our client in a large project for an end customer, with agile teams – built on the end customer’s specifications.

Embrace the Flexibility of Skills & Tech – Without Bearing the Setup & Management Struggles