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Discovery to Understand.
Design Thinking to Explore.
Strategic Roadmap to Scale Possibilities.

Discovery & Design Thinking - Content Strategy - Sales Playbook - GTM

A sound business approach is paved on the crossroads where Discovery & Research, Design Thinking, Content, and Go To Market plans intersect. Our focus is to converge these into the roadmap of your strategic steps, empowering the Brand, Marketing, and Sales function.

Focus on Target Audience and Data Driven Research
Build on the Research foundation with Design Thinking
Defining a Playbook to unify the voice across Marketing & Sales
Scalable Roadmap for GTMs, Service Delivery, etc.

Discovery & Design Thinking

A proven strategic roadmap isn’t the fruit of quick answers. Deeper insights into your business, the offerings, and the market is a necessity to have a solid foundation of end-user pain points.

Discovery is crucial to kickstart this fact-finding, while Design Thinking sets the direction right for the team to frame the business problem. Subsequently, relevant insights help in brainstorming the best-fit approaches for strategic planning.

The Action Points

Stakeholder Interviews

  • Recording business objectives at a strategic and operational level
  • Data points gathering for detailed research and insight into problems
  • Mapping the approaches attempted before if any

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Understanding of users in multiple focus groups, their problems, and the impact
  • Dive into the roots of the problem and the window of opportunities
  • A shared vision to list the business objectives and identify ways to achieve the outcomes


If discovery and design thinking is the base, aligned business goals and communication are the pillars, driven by positioning led by a scientific approach.

The four steps we take align your internal and external communication strategy and voice, besides ensuring they leverage the right channels to convey the right message, in a consistent tone, at the right time.

Compare and map the brand USP and exploit strength.
Existing positioning assessment to understand the gap.
Competitor analysis to benchmark approaches and SWOT.
Positioning outreach aligning the brand objective, USP, and opportunities

Content Strategy

Relevant and keyword-rich content marketed through the right communication channels hit the right attention span of the target audience. However, it’s paramount to get this mix right.

Crafting, channeling, and governing a stream of useful and re-usable content – guided by a strong content strategy is the answer. Our team realizes this in an SEO-driven content plan, continued management of the content lifecycle, execution, and promotion to meet business objectives.

Sales Playbook

To drive more value from your sales cycle, bring your sales team up to speed to sell effectively. The playbook is the foundation to address this need, converging best practices and techniques for every possible sales situation.

The Playbook Pillars

  • Overview of the sales process
  • Buyer persona identification
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales Enablement workshops
  • Team process and engagements
  • Call scripts/Email templates
  • Lead qualifications
  • Product demos
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Objections Handling

GTM Strategy

You’ve invested a lot of effort and resources into developing a meaningful product. Yet, a half-baked launch plan can derail its desired market penetration and adoption.

We dive deeper into your product, understanding the pain points it solves, and accordingly craft tactics related to buying journey, sales channels, branding, etc. The team achieves this by connecting the dots between product-market fit, buyer persona, competition, and distribution, to build the GTM plan.

Birds-eye View of the GTM Steps

  • A value matrix to meaningfully craft the messaging and validate.
  • Plan and optimally channelize promotions/outbounds.
  • Content strategy for inbound traction.
  • Product awareness on these campaigns for demand generation.
  • Pipeline optimization strategies to increase conversion.
  • Adjust and iterate strategy to retain CX and customer delight.

Let’s Plan The Milestones Of Your Strategic Roadmap