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The DNA Story – Crafting a truly personalized UI

By September 4, 2018April 1st, 2022No Comments

This is a story of a UI, for a product never made before, requiring a thinking process never thought of before. Discover how Talkd created an engaging UI for a DNA-based fitness app.

The Client: First-of-their-kind fitness portal

There’s nothing more personal than a DNA. Our client had developed a groundbreaking DNA test that would change the way one thinks about fitness and nutrition forever. Unlike generic fitness apps which provide tips and tricks, the client’s product creates a health regime that is best suited to your body structure. We were tasked with creating the beta version of this app.

The Challenge of being first-of-its-kind

The client had a product that was truly first-of-its-kind. No other brand ever had used DNA test as a parameter for fitness. This was the toughest challenge as we began. With no other benchmarks for competitive study, design, or concept, we had to craft out everything from scratch.   

The Process

We had to form our own data points, conduct analyses, understand the product, and test possibilities. Through constant design thinking, prototyping, and evaluation, we kept challenging ourselves to create an interface that was simple, functional, and something that will click with the user. 

The Solution

The concluding product of our process was a comprehensive UI, complete with flawless screens, inspiring designs, and smooth functionality. Quoting Steve Jobs, we had a design that didn’t just feel right, but also worked right.

The Impact

The product has received acclaim wide and far for its unique offering. What makes us feel proud, is the fact that the beta version we built was praised by many for its simplicity and easy flow. The app is performing successfully and is being actively used by celebrities and sportspersons alike.

For us to be a part of something truly disruptive as this app was a superb experience. While delivering this project, Talkd itself underwent a phenomenal transformation in terms of ideas, thought process and creativity. We could deliver an experience, and an unforgettable one at that.

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