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2020 reshaped many facets of marketing as we knew it, bringing digital into the centerstage (more than ever before). With product experience thrown into curveballs, many designers are into a get-go mode for experience designing. But, is it the right start?


Designers often lose the thin line between the business value of UX and the intent of simplifying experiences with UI.

Product designers make significant assumptions about the user’s desire without them being backed up with evidence.

Excessive focus on agile development increases the chance of accumulating UX Debt sans proper UAT and validation.

Our Capabilities

Maps the right experinece for user impression


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Our Capabilities

Technology changes, conditions change, and experiences change accordingly. What remains constant is the people. Our Experience Mapping Practice considers people’s expectations and accordingly helps redefine CX strategies and develop digital products that aren’t just simple and responsive, but relevant and renewable.


Infusion Of Creativity In Strategic Thinking

Simplifying The Complex Of Product Interactions

Enriching Design Capabilities In Org Culture


We map under the Practice…

Our footsteps to build a defining user experience lead us to the waypoints that are focused on the end-user. Then, we define/redefine the user-experience design with research and design thinking. The rest falls in place with designing interactions and prototyping products bringing experiences that engage.

Our Work

Redefined UX with user at the core

Redefining user experience touchpoints for a global airlines service provider.

Developing interactive experiences in the ALM tool of an IT giant.

Productizing a dealership portal for a leading automobile manufacturer.

Simplifying Experiences
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