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UI Design Formula

From pain points to powerful products

There’s only but a thin line between UX and UI, and while defining the user journey is critical, UI design isn’t to be ignored either.

While designing interactions that are human-centric are at the core, it’s also important to keep in sync with the latest design trends. Innovation is the other focus area, with designers bringing new experiences across products and interfaces. Given the acceleration of digital solutions lately, the right UI design, can make a lasting impact.


UI shouldn’t be solely about great experiences but the desired experiences.

UI should aim for usability of the end-users than pleasing stakeholders.

UI design shouldn’t be 100% rule obsessed as it limits the room for innovation.


Our way of enabling human-centric UI design


Understanding user expectations is the key to creating the most relevant results. A design thinking workshop with stakeholders and end-users, reveals insights on user personas, pain points, product purpose, interactions, etc.


Information collected in the discovery phase helps hypothesize personas, interaction waypoints, and pave the steps for design iterations.


In design phase, designers take the tangible steps to realize the desired experiences, designing interfaces/ unique screens/pages. This involves:

  • Wireframing
  • Creating prototype &
  • Design specifications


UAT is mostly working in an agile mode, in tandem with design to streamline iterations at the end of the design process, reducing the time to implement those feedbacks. What helps is the evaluation of factors like user-friendliness, flexibility, etc., during the design.


After implementing all the feedback, the final product is delivered to the client with UI elements, recommendations for the development team, illustrative guidelines, and other brand identity elements when required.

Our Capabilities

Crafting UI that evokes a response


Our experts assess the performance of the UI elements. The aim of the audit is to study the UI aspects like placements, layouts, typography etc and design the interface that will enhance the UX.

Design System

The design system at TALKD follows the best rules and practices of UI. With clear SOPs and a large component library, our teams work at a higher pace of creation and innovation.

Visual Design

Visual design intends to improve aesthetic appeal and usability by using proper images, typography, layout and color. By laying all these elements precisely, our designers create an interface for your product that optimize the user experience and drive conversion rate.

Case Study

Real-world success stories

User interfaces can be interactive again

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