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Making your product more meaningful to user

In this accelerated digital world, UX design has become the focal point to fulfill end-users needs. The momentum is increasingly shifting to digital-driven experiences, and architecting a meaningful user journey across channels like mobile, platforms/applications, etc., will be crucial.

Differentiated customer experiences will define success, and some of the parameters UX teams have to follow are…



Minimal functionality of elements plays a supreme role. Therefore, it is crucial to highlight the best features properly and communicate the right emotions.

Simplified UX

Trying to complicate interfaces and force users to take extra actions is a thing to avoid these days.

Mobile-first Approach

User journeys should consider mobile experiences and accordingly define the rules of experience design.


An efficient UX design path


In this stage, we try to learn why and what of the project to define scope and objective. What is the project? Why are we designing it? What is the problem this project is going to solve? And Why anyone would use this solution?


Significant in the UX design process to interview and learn about product users and their environment. In addition, at this stage, we explore the product domain/service scope, marketplace & competition.


After deciding on user personas, we start brainstorming to generate initial ideas and solutions, validating them against the research findings. In this stage, we develop spec docs, scenario maps, develop user flows, build sitemaps and create wireframes.


In this stage, prototyping is key to test the design patterns, template page elements, different framework options, and developers’ test design functionality. The mode is agile, keeping in mind the need for iterations while the focus remains on avoiding any UX debt.


After the finalization of the prototype in this stage, we focus on the visual details. This allows us to merge the experiential and design side of the product.


Last but not least, this is a crucial stage of project where we assess the final outcome for quality and compatibility.


Factors influencing UX design

Our Capabilities

Revamping UX Design


Our experts audit the performance of each step of the user journey. We pinpoint the actual pain elements and pave a path to get rid of them by revamping the ultimate user experience.


At TALKD, we explore and understand the product domain, marketplace, and competition to leap right into the problem to uncover ideas and opportunities.


We concentrate on prototyping as it aids to identify and formulate design course and saves time. Our experts assist you to streamline the design development process, focusing on important elements.

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